PlayStation 5 Leak – The Controller Patent Came Out

PlayStation 5 is already set to launch in the Holiday season of 2020, as Xbox Scarlett. However, until then, the fans are thriving for new details on the next-gen console from Sony. In the latest PlayStation 5 leak, whatsoever, the console’s controller patent came out, revealing what we should expect from the console.

All that we know about the PlayStation 5 console

PlayStation 5 is the most sought-after console of the next-gen consoles. And that because Sony managed to create suspense around it. Even more, some devs are creating PS5-exclusive titles, as we speak.

GTA 6, for its part, might be one of the exclusive titles that would roll out for PlayStation 5, exclusively. But that’s only a rumor, and we recommend you not to take it as a real thing.

However, PlayStation 5 will indeed be a considerable evolution in comparison to PS4. First, there is the new AMD’s 8-core CPU based on the company’s third-gen architecture, along with the latest AMD GPU, supporting 8K. Besides, we’ll get SSD storage, 3D audio, backwards compatibility, and more.

The controller of PlayStation 5 leak

Reportedly, the next-gen console’s controller would be named Dual Shock 5. This one would be a significant upgrade from the PS4’s controller. As reported, it will come out with USB-C, a better-optimized stick, larger triggers, and many other improvements.

You should keep in mind that this patent might not show the final version of the PlayStation 5 controller, but only a first version. In short, the PS5’s most recent leak concerning the controller is lovely. Still, Sony is usually releasing info about its future releases, and these are always made to keep the fans excited.

PlayStation 5 release date

Well, we don’t know when the next-gen console from Sony would come out. But, we expect it to launch in December 2020, along with Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett (Two), for evident reasons. Both consoles would come out with almost the same configs so that it would be an exciting battle between the two.

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