Plants vs. Zombies 3 Has Been Released in a Few Regions

Renowned developer PopCap Games has offered a press release which mentions that Plants vs. Zombies 3 is now available in a list of select countries as a part of a soft launch that seeks to test the game.

Soft launches have become quite popular in recent years because they offer developers the chance to test their games and receive feedback from a large number of users. The collected information can be used to address potential issues or tweak select features that do not seem to be quite popular.

According to the studio, the upcoming title will offer a free-to-play gameplay experience that could be enhanced with optional microtransactions. However, it will follow many of the gameplay designs and elements that have been introduced by the other titles in the series.

Plants vs. Zombies 3 – Features, Requirements, and More

The core mechanics will remain the same as players will enjoy the lane-based tower defense experience that has made the franchise a hit in the first place. More focus will be placed on faster combat events, integration of social features, and complex synergies that unlock the potential of the plants.

Some changes will also take place, and some fans could be disappointed by this. Lawnmowers and Sunflowers are now actual units that have to be deployed on the field to work. From a style point of view, the game will come with 3D graphics, a significant change in comparison to the iconic 2D style that has been used in the past. The new graphic design will favor people who like to play on their mobile devices since it will be optimized to work in portrait mode.

More countries could be added to the soft launch in the following weeks. An official release date hasn’t been mentioned at this point, but it is known that a device with the same hardware as the Galaxy S6 or better will be needed to play it. Apple users will need to have an iPhone 6S, which runs iOS 13.1 or better.

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