Plague Inc. Receives A New Game Mode That Allows Players To Fight A Pandemic

Plague Inc. is a very interesting strategy simulation video game that has become popular over the years. However, the popularity of the game was taken to another level after the coronavirus outbreak, and it is all due to the wrong reasons.

The video game company has made the decision to help with the fight against this vicious virus and donate their profits to the cause. They took the fight against the coronavirus in their game as well, with a new game mode that will make players think of the best way to stop the spread of a deadly outbreak.

Plague Inc. has been a top-rated game on the App Store and Google Play for quite some time now, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, its fame rose to a different scale. Players had to find a strategic way to spread a deadly disease around the world to get rid of the human existence. Now that it actually happens in real life, its kind of sad that people opt for this type of game, but developers have decided to turn the tables. All is fun and play until it isn’t.

New game mode in Plague Inc. inspired by the coronavirus pandemic

“Eight years ago, I never imagined the real world would come to resemble a game of Plague Inc. or that so many players would be using Plague Inc. to help them get through an actual pandemic,” said James Vaughan, the game creator.

“Players will have to balance managing disease progression and boosting health-care systems as well as controlling real-world actions such as triaging, quarantining, social distancing, and closing of public services,” said Ndemic Creations, the game developer.

The upcoming Plague Inc. game mode will allow players to be the heroes and save the world! This new game mode idea was a request of officials with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network.

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