Phoenix Browser – Version Improves Stability And Adds New Features

Phoenix Browser is a popular alternative browser for Android devices that offers fast Video Downloading, in-private browsing, and data saving. It helps you quickly read the news, watch videos, access H5 games, and all the information you need.

Thanks to its embedded video detect function, Phoenix Browser can download various online videos.

Also, the private browsing function allows users to go incognito whenever they want without leaving any trace.

The compact and capable browser returns fast downloading speeds.

Here are its three main advantages, according to the developers:

“☆Video Download: Download online videos easily from lots of websites.

☆Adblocker: Block annoying pop-ups and ads, enjoy a clear and clean browsing experience.

☆Quick Download: Small size and rapid loading provide a smooth surfing experience.”


Phoenix Browser features smart bookmarks that allow you to save your favorite websites and grant fast navigation for future visits.

With Phoenix Browser, you can read the updates on the hottest subjects in entertainment, health, sports, business, science, technology, and more. Also, the browser can run light H5 games with ease and free of charge.

Phoenix Browser is light on data, as it compresses information, thus increasing navigation speeds and saving you money on mobile data traffic. The more you browse, the more you save!

The browser supports multiple search engines, like Yahoo, Google, Yandex, Ask, Baidu, AOL, DuckDuckGo, and Bing.

Current Version

The app reached version

Here are the official patch notes of the latest version:

“* Enhanced media detector, supports download multiple videos with one click.

* New download management, you can see the remaining download time and quickly identify unread tasks.

* Phone boost, clearly showing how much space released.

* File tool, ringtone settings support trial listening.

* Re-adapt Instagram video download, after you copy link from Instagram, the video can be downloaded by Phoenix.”

A list of Pheonix browser alternatives can be found here.

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