PES 2021: The Cover Reveal Marks a Great Surprise – Trailer, Release Date, and More

While football simulation games are highly popular in the world, the great competition between FIFA and PES seems to reach new heights. A lot of gamers are complaining about the lack of realism from FIFA 20’s gameplay, while PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) doesn’t have licenses for all the team names. But either way, playing what suits your desires best is ultimately the best choice in this case.

The launch for PES 2021 is approaching fast, and so many gamers are eager to see how will the next iteration adapt to the latest trends and tactics from today’s football. Will we see anybody wearing facemasks in the game, by any chance? Only time will tell for sure.

Messi is the cover star

We have confirmation that Barcelona’s superstar Lionel Messi is the cover star for PES 2021 once again. This is a bit surprising considering that there are strikers in the world in better form than Messi, and we can remind of Robert Lewandowski, Cristiano Ronaldo, and others. Furthermore, Messi has a venerable age – 33 years old. However, nobody can deny the mind-blowing career of the Argentinian footballer. Lionel Messi plays since 15 years ago for Barcelona, and he’s the captain of the team. The legendary striker scored 633 goals for the Spanish club and 70 goals for his national team.

Release Date

The game will be running on various platforms starting September 15, 2020. There’s very little time to wait, and the football simulation title should receive both updates for squad rosters and gameplay. PES 2021 will become available for the usual consoles: PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

Do you think you can compete against the best football masterminds? If yes, go ahead and play some PES 2021 when it comes out. If not, play PES 2021 and train in order to become better!

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