Overwatch Patch 2.92 Brings Important Changes and New Fixes

The upcoming 2.92 patches for Overwatch is not going to bring any revolutionary changes to the game. The patch is, however, going to bring some balance changes that are really worth looking into, considering the changes that have been made to some characters, as this might have an unexpectedly high impact on the meta. Another thing worth mentioning is the adding of the queuing system to the competitive game mode.

Some small changes have been made to a few characters. For example, Ashe’s dynamite cooldown has now went up to 12 seconds, from 10. Brigitte, the one character that always gets nerfed, is no longer able to get extra armor when she is at full health. Her shield now has 250 health points, considering that it used to be just 200. Brigitte’s health also regenerates 85 health per second, but it used to regenerate 100 in the past. Her shield also takes five seconds to regenerate if it is destroyed, instead of three.

Now, D.va takes a 40% movement penalty when she is shooting, but it used to be 50%. Her Defense Matrix currently has a one-second cooldown, whether before the patch it had 1.5. Also, D.va’s Micro Missiles now shoot after .25 seconds, not after .5.

Junkrat also got a few changes. His concussion mine goes off in .1 seconds, instead of after .156 seconds. Junkrat’s RIP-Tire also gets activated after .9 seconds, not after 1.5.

The open queue system is perhaps the most important change made in Patch 2.92. The Open Queue system enables players to pick the role they want to play before the match even starts, instead of being locked into it when the game begins. The open and the role queues will be matched separately, so players are under no circumstance forced to play using this system.

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