OnePlus Concept One Smartphone Revealed Ahead of CES 2020, Shows Off ‘Invisible’ Cameras

The OnePlus Concept One smartphone is going to be displayed at CES 2020 and the Chinese phone manufacturer is now teasing one of its most impressive features: invisible rear cameras!

In a short video on Twitter, OnePlus eagerly presented the sleek black rear of its OnePlus Concept One, along with the camera system that looks as if it is missing until you start using it:

OnePlus Concept One’s Invisible Cameras Explained

Wired explained how OnePlus pulled this trick – the phone maker used electrochromic glass, a glass electronically tintable that hides the camera lenses when not used.

OnePlus has partnered with McLaren again – yes, THE McLaren – to add the glass tech used in the high-end car sunroofs or aircraft windows in a smartphone. The glass can be triggered by an electrical signal to change its tint. When the camera app is opened, a signal will be sent to the glass to reveal the lens. Once you shut down the camera app, the lens vanish!

We can agree this is one tech we have never seen before in a smartphone and it is pretty cool if it were perfected for front cameras instead. However, the OnePlus Concept One has one issue: availability.

In an interview with WIRED, OnePlus co-founder Pete Lau explained that the phone is a “bold exploration for OnePlus and is also a representation of overcoming a lot of [engineering] challenges. With this approach, we’ll be able to produce smaller amounts of the product and, with feedback from a small group of users, look at the possibility of making a device that’s available for users more widely.”

OnePlus considers the Concept One smartphone to be only a concept phone, which means we won’t see it hit the market any time soon.

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