Nvidia GeForce Now Cloud Gaming is Available Worldwide

Users can finally see it happening after a long three years-period. Nvidia stated recently that it was putting its cloud gaming feature, GeForce Now, out of beta, after the 2017 CES announcement. During the beta trial, approximately 300,000 participants from Europe and North America streamed about 70 million hours of gameplay.

GeForce Now will come with a free membership range that will also bring a one-hour session. The session, however, will be introduced as unlimited. Nvidia stated that while spending on a discounted rate of $5/month will offer users priority access. They would also enjoy up six hours of playing, utilizing, too, the ray tracing feature.

Nvidia detailed: “Both memberships will work across any supported device that you already own. No additional hardware needed.” Devices such as macOS and Windows devices are supported. As for Android smartphones, and Nvidia Shield, with support for Chromebooks, is set to be introduced soon.

More About the Nvidia GeForce Now Cloud Gaming

Users can also try for a run into the geo-blocking of specific content. GeForce Now had hit Russia, Japan, and Korea, as well. Back in 2019, Google’s Stadia cloud gaming features got only a few favorable reviews.

Just close to Christmas, Google bought Typhoon Studios, a Canadian game developer, while Facebook purchased PlayGiga in a deal estimated at almost $78 million. So, without any local servers in Australia, mixed with the state of the nation’s broadband connectivity, the GeForce Now in Australia will be a missed opportunity – which will be seen as a disappointment to Pauline Hanson, the country’s leading far-right xenophobic party.

She stated: “Kids from the bush tell me because their speeds are so bad they keep getting beaten by gamers from overseas.”  Nvidia also announced that it would offer the delivery industry access to the Nvidia Drive service of extensive neural systems for independent vehicle construction.

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