Nokia 9.2 Will Use Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC, Official Launch Delayed To Autumn 2020

Nokia had an ambitious project when it set on creating the Nokia 9 PureView last year. With an impressive camera system, it was supposed to take our breath away, but using the top processor of 2018 didn’t do them any favors and Nokia 9 PureView didn’t have the awaited success.

This year, however, Nokia plans to do right by its incoming PureView successor, and the phone maker is willing to delay its 2020 flagship launch date so that they can use the Snapdragon 865 SoC.

Nokia 9.2 Launch Delayed In Order to Add the Snapdragon 865

Twitter account Nokia Anew, which is known to cover all Nokia-related leaks, recently shared this information of the launch delay:

If you were wondering why the next-gen Nokia 9 PureView is called Nokia 9.2 and where is the Nokia 9.1, we learned that it’s said Nokia chose to jump the number so that it aligns with the entire Nokia lineup. This means there is not going to be a Nokia 9.1.

According to previous rumors, the Nokia 9.2 was meant to come with a Snapdragon 855 processor and that there will be a second version with 5G and the Snapdragon 855+. With the new tip from Nokia Anew, it seems HMD Global decided to only build a variant, powered by a Snapdragon 865 processor and support for 5G.

More about Nokia 9.2

Considering the powerful Snapdragon 865 has just recently been announced, HMD Global has to delay the launch of its 2020 flagship until this Autumn. It seems that the phone maker is willing to “replace” the processor to make their Nokia 9.2 better.

Looking back at the Nokia 9 PureView, having an older processor affected its overall image as a flagship phone, so HMD Global won’t make the same mistake this year.

We will probably see the Penta-lens camera setup on the rear (it’s not officially announced), but other than that, there is no detail about the phone’s specs or hardware. HMD Global will have to bring something new to its Nokia 9.2 to stun the public and make their way to the top this year.

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