New Windows 10 Update Brings the Best Features and Improves Others

win10 update

An upcoming Windows 10 could change how we use our PCs. 

The copy & paste function in Windows 10 is set to change dramatically, with the operating system’s next update. And that’s not all.

Windows Latest claimed that with Windows 10 Build 20185, we should expect some huge improvements. But, the rework of the Clipboard function is said to be the most significant feature. Here is what you need to know. 

New Windows 10 Update Details: What to Expect

Microsoft is currently working at launching a new Windows 10 update that’ll change a lot the Clipboard function (a feature that records copied text and images). The upcoming update will add a new panel that allows GIFs, emojis, and other content to be inserted into emails, messages, and documents. 

The new Clipboard panel will include an emoji section that’ll offer access to a whole other collection of emojis, as well as a landing page containing those we’ve most recently utilized. It will also have a fantastic GIF section that’ll serve up as a search function and trending GIFs so we can find the perfect GIF. 

The next Windows 10 update will also introduce a Clipboard history feature, which will offer a snapshot of the recent content we have copied and pasted. Such a function does exist in the current version of Clipboard, but it’s limited. It can only record 25 text entries. The upcoming history feature will dismiss that limit and will support, too, other HTML content and images. 

Furthermore, richer Copy & Paste functions will make it quicker to shift information and images about, allowing us to track stuff such as copied links or snippets of text. 

Currently, Windows 10 Build 20185 is available only to those who signed up for a Windows Insider membership. We should expect the new update to be introduced soon. More details should be released, however, in the coming weeks. 

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