New Microsoft Surface Duo Details Revealed On The Future Foldable Smartphone

Foldable smartphones and tablets are already on the market, and we are going to see more of these new crazy designs. Today we are going to discuss Microsoft’s new Surface Duo hybrid hardware designs, which, as you probably guess, its a foldable device.

The company has shared the new design for its upcoming foldable Surface Neo and Surface Duo portables last year’s October, and it definitely caught the eye of other industries as well as ours, the consumers. As you might already know, Microsoft has inspired the technology industry with its unconventional designs of the Surface hybrid hardware, and they are very good at doing it.

Like all things that inspire, we are probably going to see similar models this year from different companies. As for the PC ultra-portables, we are going to see a lot of Intel Lakefield and Microsoft Windows 10X associations.

More details about Microsoft Surface Duo foldable smartphone

The Microsoft Surface Duo foldable smartphone is going to have Android as the operating system and, in contrast to Lakefield, is going to be more simplistic. Microsoft Duo is not nearly as finished to be put on the shelves. This month, an employee of the company was seen using the phone in Vancouver. We have also seen the phone in the teaser last October.

Due to Walking Cat leaker, we can see Microsoft’s additions to the Surface Duo UI in a few videos shared on Twitter. So let’s proceed with the juicy stuff. In the video, the phone is presented folded. Then, after a slight opening, you can take a peek at the status notifications, which is similar to Android. You can see the time and date messages. Similar to Android, you can expand a message or dismiss it with a simple gesture to the right.

In another video, we see how the foldable phone works with calls. You can slightly open the Surface Duo UI and see who is calling you, then flip the side of the device to answer the call. The Microsoft Surface Duo is more than likely coming out in the fiscal quarter of this year.

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