New GTA 6 Rumors Suggest a 2020 Launch

There have been years already of various rumors, leaks, and other speculations of a “soon” GTA 6 release. The so-waited game created quite a fuzz in the gamers’ world, where any detail could bring them closer to an official announcement from Rockstar Games. Still, there might be faith. Rockstar North, the UK developers, had released an advertisement for a “Technical Build Engineer,” that might give us some hints. Even there is no reference to GTA 6, some words, however, seemed odd yet surprising.

GTA 6 Chances of Getting Released

Rockstar North used “large-scale projects” and “build should be stable on release,” in the advertisement to describe future tasks. Those who noticed such use of words believe that the UK developers will have a massive role in the development of the next installment in the series. Also, the fact that the statement came from the UK is fueling some rumors that suggest a London map for the GTA 6.

Either way, if developers had begun the work on the next GTA game in 2020, they could search now for a technical touch to manage the launch. Such a thing proves enough to confirm that the game reached a ready status, and the company will start the testing process for a possible launch soon.

Other Details About a Possible Release of the GTA 6

Reports from various sources might go endlessly supporting a 2020 release, but there are, of course, some that we can count on due to their logical sense. Take-Two Interactive, for example, have talked about their wish of seeing the gaps between the GTA series being brought down. This fact could also be applied to the Red Dead Redemption, as well. GTA 5 was launched back in 2013. Therefore, 2020 would be the perfect time to release the next installments of the series.

Other factors, however, give more credence to such speculations, and they center around Microsoft and Sony’s decision to launch their next-gen consoles in 2020. GTA 6 could quickly arrive on a PlayStation 5 console or on an Xbox One Series X, too.

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