New Galaxy Z Flip Leak — Camera, Second Screen, Chipset Details Revealed

Samsung’s official reveal of the Galaxy Z Flip and its Galaxy S20 line is just around the corner, but there have been so many leaks surrounding these flagships that we may already know everything about them. More recently, an insider got in contact with XDA’s Max Weinbach and revealed some essential details about the Galaxy Z Flip.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip Cameras, Displays and Chipset Revealed

In a recent tweet from Weinbach, we learn that the Galaxy Z Flip will come with a 12 MP main camera, a wide and an ultra-wide sensor:

So Galaxy Z Flip. The capacitive fingerprint scanner on the side. Dual 12MP cameras, wide and ultra-wide. 15W charging. Wireless charging and reverse wireless charging are supported.

It will use “Samsung Ultra-Thin Glass” which has a crease. It will use a Dynamic AMOLED display.”source

In previous reports, we’ve heard that the clamshell phone from Samsung will come with an ultra-thin glass display and not a plastic display. Now, Weinbach explains that where the device folds, there will be a crease.

As for the reverse wireless charging, it could come in handy to charge the current Galaxy Buds or the Galaxy Buds Plus that will soon be revealed.

From Weinbach’s Tweet, we also see that the Galaxy Z Flip will not come with an in-display fingerprint sensor since it will add the capacitive fingerprint scanner on the side.

The Tweet from Weinbach soon became a thread in which he added more information from his sources. He talks about a second smaller display (1-inch screen):

The front display is 1″ [corrected from 0.1″]. You can use it to check charging speeds and battery info. It will also work as a view finder for the camera so you can use the better rear camera for selfies.”source

Apparently, it will also feature Snapdragon 855+.

His source also stated that “Galaxy Z Flip is like a folding S10e,” which means that they resemble in terms of specs, the only main difference being that the Z Flip can fold.

We’ll soon find out more official information once Samsung unveils its 2020 smartphones during its February event.


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