Netflix Won’t Load and Error 12001 Issue: Fixes

Netflix is one of the most enjoyable ways of watching tv shows or movies. You log in, pick a movie or show, and then the fun begins.

Usually, Netflix works flawlessly, but sometimes an error pops up. One of the most frequent issues is the one that prevents the service from loading.

Basic Solutions

There are some possible fixes that you can try right away.

First of all, check your internet connection, as Netflix can’t work without it.

If you can’t sign in, make sure that you have entered your login information correctly.

If you use a shared account, ask other users if they changed the password.

Also, be aware that there are times when the service is down for maintenance or due to some issues, and there is nothing you can do. To make sure that the service is down, only Google search “Is Netflix down?” and some detectors will show up. Netflix’s official site features a page dedicated to displaying the service’s status.

Try restarting your browser, computer, or tablet/phone. Make sure your app is up to date.

If Netflix works laggy, update your graphics drivers. To stream video on PC properly, you need Windows 10 Silverlight, which you can download separately.

Error 12001

Some users reported the error 12001 while using the platform. Outdated data mostly cause the error. To get rid of it, follow those steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Device ->Apps
  • Pick Netflix->Storage
  • Tap on the storage option -> Clear Data

At this point, all your data was refreshed, but that will require you to enter your email and password again.

If neither of these possible fixes worked for you, you could always resort to the service’s customer support, as they know best what to do in such situations.

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