NBA 2K20 Best Players with Fabulous Handles

When it comes to the NBA, the best players for you are the ones that have the best handles. So for greater satisfaction, a good game, and excellent scores, you should know which player can handle your excitement. For having open shots, first drives, a lot of fun, and all the control of the character, you will need those handles. We will present to you some essential players from NBA 2K20 with fabulous handles.

What Players Should MyTeam Have?

We will start with Kyrie Irving, which has an OVR of 86 in the Free Agent card, and a ball handle of 99. Even if Irvin isn’t the highest rated card in the NBA, he is number one for us. With him, you will have a 99 ball handle and 92 for speed with the ball. He has 98 for shot mid, 96 for driving layup, and 96 for hands. You can use Irvin for five games only.

Another player on our list is Jamal Crawford, with an OVR of 94 and a ball handle of 98. If you want a beast, you will have 93 for a shot close and 93 for shot mid. As for shooting 3 points, you will have 89 and 94 for driving layup. After that, on our list, Kyrie Irving is present again. This time he is coming with an OVR of 94 and a ball handle of 98. This time you can use it as much as you want, and you can take advantage of his plus 45 attributes. He comes with 93 for a shot close, 89 for shooting 3 points, and 96 for driving layup. As for hands, he has 96, plus 90 for passing accuracy, and 88 for speed with the ball.

Besides this, we have two more players to go to. One of them is ’00 Jason Williams with an OVR of 93 and a ball handle of 98. For the driving layup, we have 89; for the pick and roll defense, we have 92. The passing IQ is 98, the hands have 98, also 94 for passing vision. As for the passing accuracy, we have 94, and the shot mid is 90.

Finally, the last one is ’82 Isiah Thomas, with a 96 OVR and 97 ball handle. This player has 86 points for inside scoring and 88 for defending. As for athleticism, he has 93 and 97 for playmaking. His speed is at 94, and his shot close at 95. Also, you will get with him 97 for driving layup, 99 for the hands, and 98 for the shot contest.

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