NASA’s Lander Shows What Dwells Beneath The Surface of Mars

There are still plenty of questions left unanswered about Mars, as the object remains the best bet most scientists have when it comes to habitable planets from our solar system. Of course, we’re leaving Earth aside as we know that there are about 8.7 million species already living on our planet.

NASA’s InSight lander now provides new insight for what the interior of Mars is hosting. Thus, scientists were able to find the depths of three boundaries below the Martian surface.

First time when the boundaries were measured accurately

The research team found three boundaries below the Martian surface. There was a divide between the mantle and the crust, which is located 22 miles beneath the surface. A divide was also found between the mantel and the core, and it’s located between 945 miles and 994 miles below the surface. Last but not least, we have to mention the transition within the mantle from an area where a mineral called olivine is formed, and it is found between 690 miles and 727 miles beneath the surface.

Sizhuang Deng, co-author of the study, said:

In the absence of plate tectonics on Mars, its early history is mostly preserved compared with Earth,

The scientist further speaks about the importance of the discovery:

The depth estimates of Martian seismic boundaries can provide indications to better understand its past as well as the formation and evolution of terrestrial planets in general.

The InSight lander collected the data by using a seismometer for measuring vibrations that come from within Mars. The tool detects marsquakes, and also the density and composition of the planet beneath the surface can be analyzed.

The discovery was published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. We’re eagerly waiting for new discoveries about the Red Planet to be made, as humanity needs as much info as possible if it truly wants to build a colony on Mars someday.

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