NASA Revealed The New Spacesuits For The Return To The Moon Mission In 2024

The US space agency plans to return to the Moon in 2024. For that mission, NASA came up with two new spacesuits that the agency revealed yesterday. One of them is white and designed for spacewalks, and the other is orange and would be used in high-risk activities inside the spaceship.

NASA unveiled the two new spacesuits for the return to the Moon mission

According to Amy Ross, a spacesuit engineer at NASA, the so-called Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit, or xEMU, presents more flexibility in comparison with the actual spacesuit that astronomers use during spacewalks.

“Zippers are bad, and the cables are bad so we have no zippers or cables on this suit. There will be fewer seams and new materials that keep the dust out,” Amy Rossa stated during the presentation that took place in Washington DC.

xEMU spacesuit also comes with new technologies to handle pressure, while the gloves are also flexible for more dexterity. Instead of the classic hop on the Moon showed by Aldrin and Armstrong, this new spacesuit would allow astronauts to walk, said Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s administrator.

The other spacesuit, the orange one, known as the Orion suit, was made with fire-resistant materials, and it’s mostly useful during launch and re-entry in the Earth’s atmosphere. Also, it would be used during high-risk activities inside the spaceships. The Orion spacesuit features a lightweight helmet with technologies to reduce noise.

NASA plans to return to the Moon in 2024

The US space agency wishes to come back to the Moon in 2024, during the Artemis program. However, Kenneth Bowersox, the associate administrator for human exploration, worries that NASA might have to postpone the mission.

Both technical difficulties and budget might be tweaked for NASA to set foot on the Moon again in 2024, as the White House demanded. However, the new spacesuits get NASA one step closer to the return to the Moon mission in 2024.

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