NASA Finds Proof of a Parallel Universe


NASA has found proof of a parallel universe, next to ours, where everything seems to be moving in reverse. The world contains some high-energy particles, approximately a million times more powerful than anything scientists can develop on Earth. But, how did NASA succeeded in tracking such a world?

An experiment in Antarctica’s frozen lands showed the birth of a planet in the same Big Bang as Earth’s. The rules of physics, however, intrigues most of the scientists’ minds. What a parallel universe might mean and what we should expect? Here is all you need to know. 

The Parallel Universe Situation Exposed

In the theory of such universes, when the Big Bang occurred, two worlds were created. Although it is still a mystery, it’s a great concept in nowadays TV series and movies. But, in a report by the Daily Star, a cosmic ray discovery experiment led by lots of NASA scientists unearthed particles that might be from outside our universe. 

The team of scientists was working with NASA’s ANITA (Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna). They utilized a massive balloon to haul ANITA high above Antarctica, where there is dry and cold air. The conditions up there are excellent for use because no radio noise could distort the findings. 

ANITA is a device that catches ultra-high energy cosmic-ray neutrinos. These high-energy particles are estimated to be a million times more powerful than scientists can develop here on Earth. So, the neutrinos became a considerable interest to astrophysicists as they are the only ones that can arrive on our planet unattenuated. 

What ANITA spotted, however, was a tau neutrino (heavy particle) coming from up out of our planet back in 2016. Such particles are known for their traveling back in time and could be proof of a parallel universe. Currently, scientists investigate the signals that have been dismissed as noise in the first ANITA’s flights. 

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