MWC 2020 Is Officially Canceled, According to Last Reports

The Mobile World Congress 2020 (MWC) from Barcelona is officially canceled, as a Twitter post unveiled. An emergency meeting of the GSMA, the one who developed the MWC trade fair occurred, according to media reports. After many famous companies, such as Sony and LG, had already canceled their plans for MWC last week, other developers did the same since the beginning of the week.

Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, HMD Global, Deutsche Telekom, for example, and other significant tech giants expressed their rejection on social networks and press releases.

MWC 2020 Canceled Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

The main reason for MWC’s cancellation is the coronavirus that is currently widespread around the world. The fair trade developer had tried to find a solution to toughen the hygiene standards and entry conditions for MWC. One of the goals was to offer more chances for hand disinfection in and close to the fair trade proximity.

Upon arriving in the country, participants were required to show any proof that they haven’t access at all China’s grounds for the past 15 days or have been put in quarantine. They had to show their passports or any other official evidence.

As coronavirus brought so much disaster and continue to cause a lot of harm, such news of MWC’s cancellation might be the best solution after all.

What Consequences Will MWC 2020 Cancelation Bring?

The cancellation of the MWC will affect the technology business and the developer a lot. Many manufacturers have already been planning their attendance for the MWC 2020 in Barcelona for months. GSMA is known to produce millions of dollars in profits from the trade fair.

Many media industries worldwide are currently likely dealing with some travel expenses. But, the health of millions of people should be the only and the most significant focus. So, cancellation might not come as a wrong decision at all in the end.

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