Motorola Razr Patent Reveals Lots Of Side Keys On The Device

It looks like Motorola has big plans for the foldable market, and the company started big from this year with the Motorola Razr.

The foldable smartphone from Motorola will not compete with the tablet size folding phones, but for sure, it will bring the nostalgia from the past times, and a stronger design. Now a new patent was discovered by Let’s Go Digital for the new foldable Razr smartphone.

The images of the patent discovered by Let’s Go Digital are showing the clamshell with a second display and touch sensors. The phone comes with eight touch sensors on the side, for on the left side, and four on the right side. These eight sensors are practically the virtual buttons of the next phone, and they are the keys to the features and functions of the device.

Motorola Razr Patent Reveals Lots Of Side Keys On The Device

Moreover, we think that if you combine the sensors, you will have different functions for different tasks. If that is true, it means that one sensor could launch an app or another, and it remains to see if you can do this with your phone open or closed. What we know from Let’s Go Digital, is that all the sensor will have around twenty functions, such as launching the selfie camera, or the Google Assistant.

On the other side, so many sensors with so many functions can prove to be a tricky route. What could happen if you are holding your phone, and you touch one of the sensors by mistake? Maybe this issue will not exist, because Motorola could also add a touching sensor that will detect the movement of the phone.

Finally, the new Motorola Razr can come with a fingerprint sensor on the screen. If the patent remains the same for the original foldable, we could see a great phone, but nothing is for sure, of course.

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