Monster Legends 9.2.12 Update Launched With Some Novelties

Many mobile gamers want to play a quality game that offers the ability to capture, breed, and feed a selection of powerful monsters that can wage battle in arenas. Monster Legends offer all of the above and much more as players can build an ultimate team and participate in real-time matches against other challenges. Read below to learn more about this excellent title and all of the available features.

Monster Legends – Features

  • Find – Find and collect over 600 monsters with new ones being added each week
  • Breed – Breed monsters with different elements and rarities to create new species that can offer an advantage in the arena.
  • A chance for rare loot – Enjoy a rich selection of special events that offer fun challenges, excellent rewards and the chance to capture legendary monsters that can make your team indomitable.
  • Progress – Raise the level of the monsters through battle and upgrade them within the Monster Lab to enhance their potential and unleash their true power.
  • Enhance – Use Runes and powerful Relics to increase the power of the monster and dominate in battles without the need to worry about your enemy team.
  • Plan – Create a balanced team by combining attack, control, and tank monsters to defeat your rivals and crush their team swiftly.
  • Live Duels – Join the Live Dues mode and create a team of dreams which allows you to challenge other Masters without the need to own or upgrade the monsters in the first place.
  • PvP mastery – Showcase your power in PvP battles and climb through the leaderboards to become the best player of the season. Earn sweet trophies, valuable records and the chance to reach the Top Leagues.
  • Fun with friends – Bring your friends and create a Team. Battle other teams in Team Wars and Team Battlegrounds and win powerful creatures.

What’s New in Monster Legends 9.2.12?

The Monster Legends 9.2.12 update comes with a new Legends Pass that offers several rewards and privileges that can be unlocked by completing challenges. Try the new Monster Skins and enhance your experience.

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