Minecraft 1.16 Update Available to Download with New Biomes and Target Block in 2020

The internet has been lately buzzing with rumors that Minecraft will shut down in 2020. The rumors spread like wild fire and millions of Minecraft fans became worried that their favorite game will no longer receive any updates. Fortunately, these rumors have been proved to be false. Minecraft is actually scheduled to receive a new update that will introduce lots of fresh content and new features for players to enjoy. The update sports the 1.16 version number and today we are going to check out what are the most significant features that it introduces.

Minecraft 1.16 Update

As previously noted, the upcoming update is going to change Minecraft’s version number to 1.16. Sadly, we do not know the official release date of the update but on the bright side of things, we at least know that it is coming this year. The update will add a new Biome called Soulsand Valley that comes with Blue Fog and Blue Flames alongside Gigantic Fossils.

Netherwart: Forest Red

Exploring is half the fun in Minecraft and the developers who are in charge of the game know that too well. This is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that update 1.16 will introduce Netherwart: Red Forest. This is a dense forest that has been specially designed to make it easy for players to get lost.

Netherwart: Forest Blue

The second biome that the update will introduce is called Netherwart: Forest Blue. This is a unique forest that looks different from all the biomes that the developers have released. The interesting thing about this biome is that it will feature a new mob called “PIglins”. This mob will be hostile to players!

Target Block

The last thing that we want to mention about the upcoming update is that it will introduce a brand-new block called Target Block. The block will work with Redstone and players will be able to build amazing structures with it.

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