Microsoft Works On Fixing The Strange Display Issue That Affect Some Surface 2 Laptops

For a long time, Microsoft hardware products have been associated with outstanding quality and reliability standards. The release of faulty Surface 4 devices had damaged the image of the company as many customers had to wait a long time before the Redmond giant acknowledged the issue and decided to offer replacements. A new scandal is in the making as regarding Surface 2 laptops.

Some users have complained that the edges of the panel present on the devices have started to gain a strong yellow tint, similar to the one which appears in the case of burn marks on regular monitors. One of the customers has argued that the issue seems to be caused by a hardware problem.

Others have claimed that the same defect has appeared in the case of Surface 2 laptops that have been used for a limited time, with the yellow marks being even more prominent. Current theories involve potential culprits that may cause the problems.

Several Surface 2 Users Complained About A Strange Display Issue

Some voices argue that the issue may be caused by the built-in fan, which cannot efficiently cool the device. It is also thought that many marks tend to appear in the area where the battery is positioned.

The warranty of the Surface 2 doesn’t mention anything about screen replacements, which means that owners will have to pay for the operation, a choice that may spark unpleasant repercussions for Microsoft in countries that favor consumer rights. Several owners contacted Microsoft representatives, but no solutions have been offered at this point.

The company is likely working on an internal investigation that may seek to uncover more data related to the screen products. While some say that even bad publicity is good, it is quite clear that no company wants to be associated with faulty products, especially when the Surface 2 laptops are quite popular.

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