Microsoft Teams 1416/ Update: Performance Improvements, New Features, and More


Microsoft Teams 1416/ update is already rolling out on Google Play Store, but if you didn’t install it yet for some reason, no worries! 

You can download the Microsoft Teams version 1416/ update, using an APK file. Here is what you should know.

Microsoft Teams 1416/ Update: What’s New

The Microsoft Teams 1416/ update introduces some sleek features. You can now access the org charts, files, and other features from “More” in the app’s bottom bar. 

Feel free to invite people to your meetings with only an invite link. And don’t worry about Microsoft Teams’ performance, because it got even more improved! The update introduces, too, some bug fixes. 

Microsoft Teams’ Features and Other Significant Details

Microsoft Teams was launched in November 2016. It is part of the well-known Office 365 suite of services. 

Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that offers remote, global, and dispersed teams with the ability to share information and work together via a common space. 

Microsoft Teams offers a versatile conversation experience. The ability to meet virtually is also an excellent and cost-effective feature for businesses nowadays. Teams allows you to view your scheduled meetings, the subject, a list of people who’ll be attending, and the timing. 

Microsoft Team has even a bots gallery! It has 24 bots with a lot of skills available to enhance productivity. For instance, the T-Bot can answer most frequently asked questions about Teams, while Statsbot offers scheduled reports via sources, such as Google Analytics or Salesforce. 

You can easily chat with your team via text, a video meeting, or a voice conversation. The experience is smooth, and Teams ensures you that the audio/video quality is the best. 

Finally, Microsoft Teams is highly customizable. If you’re looking for a tool that will improve/grow engagement in your organization, then Microsoft Teams is the perfect answer. Teams offers you a platform with features and options for open APIs with general availability and extensibility. Download now Microsoft Teams and explore all the features!

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