Microsoft Surface Duo Will Launch Before the Summer, As Per Latest Reports

We are all waiting for the Microsoft’s Surface Neo and Surface Duo to come out. They were said to be released sometime during the Holiday 2020, but a piece of new information is stating different facts.

The so much awaiting Microsoft devices are rumored to come out on the markets earlier than planned, and here’s why.

According to some sources, Microsoft is planning to release the Surface Duo sooner than scheduled. The device is pretty much ready to come out! We could say that the hardware and software are almost done. The operating system, Android 10 was finalized last year’s August.

Therefore, there is one thing left for the company to do. That is, to finish the final touches of the top-level OS customizations and in-box apps that are specific to Surface Duo.

Leaks details

The rumor has it that by the beginning of April, Microsoft will finish the software. If everything goes well with the Surface Duo, Microsoft will probably release it on the market in time for the summer. We will probably find out more in the spring when we expect an official statement from the company.

Microsoft Surface Duo specs

The device will feature a Snapdragon 855 chipset, with 6GB RAM and 64GB storage for starters. However, it will also have other options for its consumers, such as more RAM and storage.

Although Surface Duo will feature the last year’s flagship chipset, it also means that the device won’t have 5G connectivity yet.

2020 looks to be the year when the 5G era will spread its wings around more regions, so it is an important aspect of any device. Hence this next-gen connectivity, Surface Duo, would be considered outdated if it won’t launch soon. The situation for this device seems a bit on edge, but we hope that Microsoft will pull it off.

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