Microsoft Might Launch New Surface Headphones With Fingerprint Reader


It seems Microsoft has many new devices in store for us, ready to hit the markets sooner or later. The company is rumored to have under development another Surface Headphones, this time with a sleek new features.

The device might arrive with Fingerprint authentication support. How different is going to be the upcoming Surface Headphone series? Here is what you need to know. 

Microsoft Plans to Launch Headphones With an Integrated Fingerprint Reader

According to a patent filing, published on May 21, Microsoft has come up with a design for headphones with an integrated Fingerprint Reader. 

In the patent filing, the company says that its headphone will offer a “dual-mode” with fingerprint authentication support and the ability to login to the user account. The headset will likely utilize Windows Hello, an excellent alternative to log into apps and devices using only a fingerprint. Microsoft also points out that the Fingerprint Reader will be part of the headphones, possibly on the exterior part or one of the distinctive on-earcup dial. 

The company adds that the fingerprint sensor will produce signals to the controller for processing the data. For example, the controller will be adjusted to authenticate the user based on the pre-stored fingerprints. 

Here is an excerpt of Microsoft’s statement: “In the case that the electronic device is in a sleep mode, the controller, together with a driver module included in the electronic device, is configured to cause the device to switch from the current sleep mode to a wake-up mode.” While the concept seems so nice, Microsoft announced Surface Headphones 2 with a similar minimalist design. 

Surface Headphones 2 arrives with active noise cancelation, dial controls for volume, and extra-cushy earpads. The headset delivers strong sound, and users can access the Surface Audio app for extra features. On Windows 10, users can utilize Cortana to tweak and manage the full sound experience. 

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