Microsoft Launches its First Android Phone – Specs and Price

Microsoft was once busy with its own operating systems for mobile devices. But later on, the Redmond-based company even acknowledged that Android is the best operating system for portable devices. Microsoft chose to discontinue both Windows Phone and Windows Mobile.

Therefore, the first smartphone packed with Google’s well-known operating system has arrived. Known as Microsoft Surface Duo, the gadget is now available to order and shipping to consumers.

Price: $1,399

The phone runs on Android 10, and it features two OLED screens of 5.6-inch and a resolution of 1,800 x 1,350 pixels each. There’s a 360-degree hinge that connects them, which means that you can fold the device as much as you wish. The battery life is pretty low, having only 3577mAh for the capacity.

A Snapdragon 855 processor powers the gadget, and that should make a great team along with the 6GB of RAM. Surface Duo is available in two versions of storage: 128GB and 256GB.

YouTube channel Microsoft Duo is presenting the phone below:

The description says:

On August 11, 2020 Microsoft Surface hosted a press briefing with Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay and other product leaders to talk about the new Surface Duo. Go behind the scenes and see what we shared before the announcement. Learn more about our vision for the product, see in depth demos, and hear about the design and engineering behind Surface Duo.

One cute feature of the Surface Duo is that when the user clicks on a link received via text on one of the screens, the address opens on the other display. This way, the user won’t have to leave his conversation to visit a link.

The phone doesn’t have two screens for no reason, as the user will get to try out plenty of nice tech gimmicks.

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