Microsoft Is Planning to Introduce Google Services in Outlook Accounts

The exciting news is coming from Microsoft about Gmail and Outlook. The company is testing the possibly new feature where users could add some of the Google services into Outlook accounts.

The feature was posted on Twitter by a user named Florian.B, who showed screenshots with the novelty. It seems that Google will let you add Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive on your Outlook account. You have to proceed through the easy setup, then you introduce your Google account on Outlook, and everything is done.

The new feature will be available for both Android and iOS, just as Outlook is available for both of the operating systems. The page of your Outlook account will have separate inbox boxes, and the data from the calendar will be both integrated. User Florian.B tried the feature, and in that way, he realized that Microsoft is testing it.

Microsoft Is Planning to Introduce Google Services in Outlook Accounts

He discovered that you can’t add more than one Google account right now, and every time he made a switch between the two, the page refreshes. This means clearly that the company is having the feature under tests because if the feature was available for use, the switching must not affect the entire page.

Moreover, as we mentioned above, you will have the possibility to attach Google Drive to your Outlook account. That means you can add documents and files from Google to Gmail or Outlook. At the same time, we don’t know if everyone will have access to this feature. Microsoft didn’t declare officially about the new feature, so no release date or other information is known.

Finally, Microsoft plans on doing this merge between the two services, Google and Outlook, could prove to be a useful tool for some people, especially the ones who are using one account for work, and another account for personal use.

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