Microsoft Introduces Together Mode For the Pandemic-era Meetings

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Microsoft is adding a lot of new features lately to its service, Microsoft Teams. 

The software company has been working on a new “Together Mode” for Teams ever since the coronavirus pandemic started, and it’s developed to create a virtual live avatar of yourself. Microsoft uses AI to analyze your face and shoulders and place you and your colleagues together in a virtual space. Here are all the details.

Together Mode Improves the Virtual Meetings Significantly

Microsoft is now rolling out the Together Mode to Microsoft Teams, and it will be generally available worldwide in August. It will arrive initially with an auditorium view, but Microsoft is working on more views that will be introduced in the future. 

Besides Together Mode, Microsoft is also releasing a dynamic view for Teams. It’s developed to allow users to share content side by side with participants dynamically. It seems like a beneficial mode if you want to present with a group of co-workers, and you want your side deck on one side and specific team users’ video to display alongside all participants. 

Other features include some video filters and live reactions to Microsoft Teams. You can use the filters to soften the camera’s focus to boost your webcam in Teams or adjust lighting levels. The live reactions are great because they allow participants to react with emoji during meetings available for everyone.

Team meetings will also increase to support 1,000 participants and even up to 20,000 if people are joining to view presentations or discussion. Such a thing is a significant jump that will let lots of companies to manage all-hands calls via Teams. Microsoft is also introducing live transcripts to Teams soon alongside the tool to translate live captions into subtitles. 

These new features of Microsoft Teams are a clear indication of just how quick Microsoft is responding to competition and an ongoing pandemic that influences how we live and learn. 

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