Microsoft Flight Simulator Helped GTA 6 Tremendously

GTA 6 is under works, and the fans are constantly competing with each other in trying to guess how the upcoming game will be. Will there be more enterable buildings? Will the players get a fully customizable character? Will more barber shops be available? How big will the map be? We will hopefully find out the answers to all these questions soon enough.

The Grand Theft Auto series usually has plenty of aircraft, especially GTA 5 where you can maneuver jets as you wish. But in gaming, there’s always room for improvement.

Will GTA 6 allow traveling to other cities by plane?

This is what recent rumors are claiming, and the idea is not entirely new in the series. It was already put into practice in GTA San Andreas, where the protagonist Carl Johnson (aka CJ) could travel to other cities by taking a plane from the airport. But in GTA 6, the idea would be a lot more interesting considering how obsolete the graphics in San Andreas is. No disrespect intended for the legendary GTA SA, considering that it probably had the most immersive gameplay in the whole franchise.

If the scenario becomes a reality in GTA 6, the game could use data from the real world for matching the scale of traveling long distances. This would be an idea also used in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

GTA 5, for instance, doesn’t have a very big map. We have to admit it, as it takes only several minutes for a jet to run between two extreme points. And since GTA fans always want bigger maps, there’s no reason to believe that the developers from Rockstar won’t exploit the GTA 6 map in any good way possible.

GTA 5 is seven years old, which means that Rockstar is taking longer than ever to release a sequel for the Grand Theft Auto series. But all hints make us believe that it will be worth the long wait.

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