Microsoft Edge Will Remove Annoying Notifications: How to Use the Feature

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Microsoft Edge plans to make surfing the Internet less of a headache, like many of its browser rivals. So, getting its inspiration from a new Google Chrome feature for removing annoying pop-ups, Edge is also working to make users’ experience a little less frustrating. 

For many of us, such a thing means eliminating those annoying notification pop-ups that trouble us each time when we head to a particular website. Here is what you need to know about Microsoft Edge’s new feature.

Microsoft Edge Will Remove Annoying Notifications

As seen by TechRadar, the most recent version of Microsoft’s browser, Edge 84, adds the “Quiet notification requests” feature, which is activated by default. Well, it won’t fully disable notifications – some of them are still useful – but instead of being everywhere, popping out in your face, they’ll be transferred to a bell icon in the address bar. You can click on the bell icon whenever you want to see the pending notifications or ignore them. The decision is yours.

This new feature efficiently filters notifications instead of blocking them right away, like Chrome’s latest feature. It will deliver less annoying alerts for users who don’t want to be bombarded with pop-up windows. You can even choose to activate notifications for every particular website that provides them by clicking on the bell icon. You’ll also filter the pop-up you receive.

Also, you can disable the new feature whenever you want. Go to the Notifications settings at edge://settings/content/notifications and click on Quiet Notification Requests. Just turn it off, and you’ll get your pop-ups as usual. 

Microsoft’s other plans include some changes to its Toast notifications – those that appear at the bottom of the screen in the Action Center on Windows 10. Edge 85 will come with such changes, more new features, and improvements for the best browser experience so far.

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