Microsoft Edge Scores Perfect HTML5 Accessibility Score

It’s obvious for everybody that Microsoft couldn’t continue with its obsolete age-old browser Internet Explorer forever. IE has been the target for many jokes online, and there’s no wonder why: its quality is simply poor. Yes, it was a good browser long ago when we didn’t have anything better, but things keep evolving in technology.

Therefore, Microsoft pushed forward a brand new browser for Windows 10: the Microsoft Edge, and most users are satisfied because of it. Now, the new browser even achieves the highest score possible for the HTML5 standards.

What exactly is HTML5?

HTML5 is basically an improved version of HTML, which is the standard markup language for any website. HTML5 also adds media compatibility, so you can put music, videos, or sounds in your webpages without using programming languages like JavaScript or Python.

Microsoft is boasting about its Edge browser by declaring the following:

“We’ve been hard at work improving accessibility support, with features like UI Automation and more accessible controls. With these updates, we’re proud to share that the new Microsoft Edge now scores 100% in the most recent test pass!”

By comparison, the age-old Internet Explorer 11 obtained only a 56% score for Windows 10. Furthermore, Microsoft claims that Edge on Windows 10 even obtained the best score from all the browsers available on the market.

Kyle Pflug, who is in the Microsoft Edge team, says:

“The intent was not to draw the comparison or shame other browsers, though I recognize the screenshot invokes that. The intent was to highlight progress in Edge after a brief period of regression when we switched to Chromium,”

Therefore, Microsoft Edge is looking better than ever, and it represents a strong reason to upgrade your operating system to Windows 10 if you haven’t done so already. Normally, the browser is not available for previous versions of Windows.

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