Microsoft about Xbox 2 (Project Scarlett) Latest Leaks

As the times evolve, so are the companies, products, software, and services. If we have many companies with similar products, we will see rivalry and wars. So here we are now, with Microsoft and Sony that are battling for the best console of 2020. Microsoft wants to win this war and to be the dominant company on the market, so its Project Scarlett promises to be the best.

Microsoft and Project Scarlett

We know that both consoles will be released close to the final of the next year, so let’s see what’s new. The company that produces Xbox is saying that from now on, the fans must keep an eye on them because more announcements regarding Project Scarlett will be online. Matt Booty, who is the boss of Xbox Game Studios, was saying at X019 that we will see a lot of new things, but that will not be all. Starting with the final of 2019, we will see new games, and after we enter in 2020, a lot of new line-ups will come to the public. Xbox Game Studios plans the final of the year with many games, that is a good thing indeed, and what happens in 2020 will surprise all. Booty even declared that what it will be revealed is beyond everything they’ve done until now.

However, if we take for granted Booty’s announcement, things are real about the new launches. One of the best examples is Halo 6, which is announced for Xbox 2 by now. So the fans will receive for sure a lot more, but we think that Microsoft doesn’t know when to announce all of them.

Finally, the cherry on top, Microsoft is confirming that Xbox 2 will be four times more powerful than its predecessor. This is happening because the console will have better hardware and a new chip design so that it will have an 8K Resolution. The original Xbox has AMD’s partnership, and we will discuss another step of performance.

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