MediaTek to Focus on 5G, IoT, and AI Technologies in 2020

MediaTek, one of the biggest manufacturers of semiconductor components, will focus on advanced technologies, among which we can count 5G, IoT, and AI in 2020. The main aim is to enhance the experience of mobile and non-mobile customers.

According to current data, 32% to 37% of the revenue comes from the sale of components for smartphones and tablets. India is a crucial player in the plans of the company as the market continues to grow.

An intense research& development branch has been established in the country. MediaTek India will continue to develop and products, with some being exclusive to India, while others will be released globally.

Among the significant achievements of the company, we can count a $2 billion investment in research and development during 2019. A partnership with Intel has paved the way towards the development of 5G modems for personal computers. The two companies have developed modems that are available for both consumer and commercial laptops.

MediaTek to Focus on 5G, IoT, and AI Technologies in 2020

It is essential to highlight the fact that a large number of smartphone manufacturers use component s from MediaTek. Among them, we can count Oppo, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Realme, Sony, and others. Several components are also manufactured for automobiles, cameras, tablets, and audio systems.

For example, the Vivo Y19 sports a powerful MediaTek Helio P65 chipset. The P65 features an octa-core processor that packs multi-camera capabilities, the ability to unlock your device by using face recognition and other powerful features.

Some will be surprised to learn that MediaTek is one of the oldest fabless semiconductor companies in the industry. It was founded more than 22 years ago in 1997. During the early days, the company developed chipsets for optical drives, DVDs, digital TVs, and much more.

In 2004 the company started to work on components for mobile phones, and it became quite popular in the industry. A focus on the mid-tier devices was appreciated by many fans, as it plays an essential role in the manufacturing of affordable smartphones.

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