Master Roshi’s Moves from Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds References to The Related Anime

When you say Master Roshi, you also say Dragon Ball. The old turtle hermit was Goku’s first major trainer back in the old days when the Saiyan was a goofy but strong kid. Roshi became available as a playable character in the Dragon Ball FighterZ game several days ago, and he already impresses the fans with what fighting skills he knows.

Master Roshi was the one who taught Goku his signature move – the Kamehameha technique. Roshi also knows other devastating techniques, and his strongest one is arguably The Evil Containment Wave (aka Mafuba).

Resurrection F… resurrected

Most part of Roshi’s moveset comes from the very first Dragon Ball anime, but the Dragon Ball Super show that completed the adventures from Z was also a good source of inspiration for the developers who implemented Master Roshi in the game. We can see the turtle hermit maneuvering his bat just in the way he did while confronting Frieza’s army in the Resurrection F movie that was also recreated in the Dragon Ball Super anime.

YouTuber IKevinX created footage of Master Roshi’s moments in Dragon Ball FighterZ that are referring to the master’s performances from the anime:

Master Roshi was pretty much left aside in Dragon Ball Z, as he didn’t participate in any fight at all. But the creators of Dragon Ball Super believed that’s a good idea to bring back the old master, although not all the fans were happy about the move. Without any explanation, Master Roshi received a significant power boost and provided tremendous help in the fights against Frieza’s army and in the Tournament Of Power. Roshi even managed to win the respect of the God of Destruction Beerus for his performance in the tournament. Beerus is a heartless and cocky fellow, and it’s very hard to win his appreciation.

Master Roshi became available in Dragon Ball FighterZ after Ultra Instinct Goku and Kefla also arrived as DLC characters. It’s exciting to try to guess what character the game will bring next, so feel free to make your assumptions in a comment!

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