Massive Bitcoin Hack Targetted 130 High-Profile Twitter Accounts

There’s no such thing as total security while you’re navigating online, regardless of how much some companies are trying to convince us otherwise. Cyber attackers are constantly trying to find new ways of cracking data, and they adapted many times to the best antivirus solutions from certain periods.

The Major Bitcoin Hack happened on July 15th when 130 high profile Twitter accounts were targeted by the attacker. The cyber attackers convinced many Twitter Employees to grant access to the social media site’s systems.

Twitter released the following statement:

Based on what we know right now, we believe approximately 130 accounts were targeted by the attackers in some way as part of the incident,

It looks like some people lost access to their accounts. The good part is that Twitter works to regain those accounts, as the social network itself announced:

We’re working to help people regain access to their accounts ASAP if they were proactively locked. This may take additional time since we’re taking extra steps to confirm that we’re granting access to the rightful owner.

Twitter also revealed to be working with affected account holders so that they will find out if any non-public data had been stolen. If the outcome is positive, that could mean the obvious and most gruesome scenario: the hackers were able to read entire discussions had by the hacked accounts.

If you’re worried about your private discussions online, a solution in most cases is to install an antivirus in each of your devices and run as many scans as possible. There are numerous pieces of software to choose from, and some of the most used antiviruses in 2020 are BitDefender, McAfee, BullGuard, Norton, and TotalAV. However, once again we must emphasize that no software can get rid of all the cyber threats for you. Ultimately, your best weapon could be your own caution.

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