Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Be Delayed!

Electronic Arts still hasn’t presented Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, and for a good reason.

The developer initially aimed to launch the remastered trilogy in October.

However, according to sources involved in the development, EA and BioWare pushed the release date into early 2021.

Reasons For The Delay

The main reason the launch will be delayed, aside from the pandemic, is the first Mass Effect game.

At the moment, it isn’t quite at the same level of quality as the rest of the package. Releasing it in its current state would result in very poor first impressions for new players. Others, who played the original games and wanted to re-live the experience might be so disappointed that they would stop playing the series and never see the progress made on Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.

The problem concerns both graphics and gameplay. The developers acknowledged the issues and want to deliver a highly polished product to the franchise’s fans.

There is one significant downside with the bundle’s release – BioWare won’t include the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode. That would require live-service, and it’s most likely not worth investing so much money. Those resources would be put to better use by Apex Legends or other games.

However, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will feature all of the DLC for all three games. That will grant players access to the full experience without having to pay extra.

Though we are disappointed to learn that the game got delayed, we salute EA and BioWare’s decision to delay launching the game until they take it to the same quality level as the other games.

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