Mars Gets The Closest to Earth It’ll Be in 15 Years

Although the highest distance between Earth and Mars is 401 million km, that amount can vary a lot. The distance is still more than a thousand times bigger than the one that separates our planet from the Moon. If NASA manages to send humans to Mars as it plans, it will surely need to invest a lot of knowledge and effort.

But we’re waiting to see Mars even closer, and we’ll get that chance in the current week. The Red Planet will be approaching Earth at 62.1 million kilometers, which means the shortest distance between the two planets that will exist for the next 15 years.

Visible even without a telescope

The other neighboring planet of ours, namely Venus, has the closest distance to Earth at 107 million kilometers. Knowing that we’re all seeing it on the night sky almost every night, why wouldn’t we also be seeing Mars, as it will be located even closer? Therefore, we should establish a schedule and prepare ourselves a seat for admiring the upcoming celestial show that will have the Red Planet as the main actor.

NASA has the Artemis mission scheduled to return humans to the Moon by 2024. More precisely, we’re talking about a man and a woman, and the next destination is Mars if everything goes well. The Red Planet is pretty much the only planet from the solar system except for Earth that is capable of hosting any life forms.

Mars is currently a huge wasteland, although it’s about the same size as Earth and it lies within the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ of our solar system. The composition of the Martian atmosphere at its surface is as follows: 95% by volume of carbon dioxide, 0.06% of carbon monoxide, 2.6% of molecular nitrogen, 1.9% argon, and only 0.16% molecular oxygen.

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