Mario Kart Tour Update Will Release Vancouver Route

Vancouver should be ready for significant events because Mario Kart Tour will be hitting the town soon. Beginning with next week, the mobile game will launch a Vancouver route. Players would have to try a race experience through one of the city’s most known views.

From some published previews, we can notice the Olympic Cauldron, the Lions Gate Bridge, and the Gastown Steam Clock. The route will be launched on February 11, at 10 PM local time, for both Android and iOS.

Mario Kart Tour was initially announced back in 2018, as the third installment of the Mario mobile game series. Later on, in 2019, September 25 was launched in 163 regions, both available for Android and iOS. The ones who chose to pre-register got the game to enjoy a day early. A Nintendo Account for this version is required.

Mario Kart Tour Update Brings Many Novelties

The game is free-to-start from the Google Play and App Store. It also includes a free-to-play microtransaction, and something dubbed “gacha,” a capsule-toy vending machine. The game reutilizes some stuff from Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, Mario Kart 7, and Mario Kart 7, as well as reintroducing gameplay features such as character unique items and gliding.

As for new features, players got to enjoy a technique to extend a massive amount of any item during a match, such as Bullet Bills or Spiny Shells, and a reverse track. The gameplay is pretty much fun and engaging. Players should get the first place at the final of a race, utilizing objects from the Item Boxes. There are only three ways the player can perform turns.

The kart starts charging Mini-Turbos or Super Mini-Turbos, and auto drifting after you run for a while. The game’s routes vary every two weeks. Previously Mario Kart took us through fabulous Paris and innovative Japan.

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