Major Copy-and-paste Upgrade for Windows 10 Users: What to Expect

COPY PASTE upgrade details

An upcoming copy-and-paste upgrade for Windows 10 is expected.

Microsoft will expand its existing Cloud Clipboard environment, introducing a major upgrade. Some sources say that the way you copy-and-paste will change dramatically.

The well-known feature can sync clipboard content across various Windows 10 devices connected via the same Microsoft account.

Microsoft was always trying to bring the best out of a functionality, releasing many updates. The upcoming change, however, is expected to bring huge improvements. Here is what you need to know. 

New Update for the Copy-and-paste Feature

The tech giant’s Swiftkey service for Android users is an excellent alternative and sleek keyboard that can perform fantastic tasks. It can learn our writing style and provide the best word predictions, to enhance typing speed. 

Swiftkey also comes with a swipe typing mode that includes some features to compose emails or texts on many Android devices.

In the service’s beta variant, the company was spotted trialing an integration with the Win10 Cloud Clipboard (released two years ago). Introducing such integration, the Android users will be able to copy content on their smartphones and paste it to their Windows 10 PC, making working across many devices far smoother.

The best part is that Swiftkey’s clipboard will also get a new Cloud Clipboard UI, and users can access it right on the keyboard’s toolbar. 

Swiftkey’s New Update: Availability and Other Significant Details

Microsoft didn’t release a statement about Swiftkey Cloud Clipboard’s availability yet. We expect a version for iOS devices to be launched soon. 

Even if some things are still uncertain, the company also revealed a new look local clipboard that includes a panel that stores all the most recently copied content and the 25 best entries. Such an update will be here by the end of this year.

More details will be released in the coming weeks!

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