Mafia: Trilogy reunites the three Mafia games into an updated package

Mafia may not be as popular as the GTA or Saints Row franchises, but the series has attracted many fans over the years.

Mafioso life

The first game in the series was released in 2002, offering a thrilling story of adventure and betrayal as you climbed through the ranks the of your Mafia family and dealt with troublesome enemies for them. One of the most interesting features of the title was represented by the fact that the AI police will pay attention to minor acts, including the way in which you drive your car on the road.

Players who liked to speed across the city and push the red light were surprised when police cars started to chase them. Crashing into another car would also lower the player’s health, a realistic touch that sought to mimic realism.

Mafia II takes place after the event of the original game, starring Vito Scalleta, a war veteran who tries to pay the debts of his father. This will lead to troubles with the law and another interesting saga as the events are explored.

Released in 2016, Mafia III is the latest entry in the series. It retains many of the core elements that have made the original games popular and comes with new systems that encourage world exploration, including a large number of collectible items.

A modern experience

The Mafia Twitter account shared the first glimpse of a new announcement. After remaining inactive for a long while, three cryptic words were shared: Family, Power, Respect.  An official teaser trailer was released less than one day ago, featuring the three protagonists of the series along with the name Mafia: Trilogy.

Reports have mentioned that the development of the revamped trilogy is being handled by Hangar 13, the team behind Mafia III. More details will be announced on May 19, and fans are already excited.

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