LG G9 To Come With Budget Specifications And 5G Support

Some rumors say that LG will use the Snapdragon 765 chipset with the new LG G9 smartphone. This chip is meant to support 5G by default, without any extra services or charges. Also, this rumor includes the information that the new LG G9, will be released in the second part of the year 2020.

The Snapdragon 765 chipset will be a downgrade than the actual Snapdragon 865. Even if this year, LG launched its V60 ThinQ 5G, the company will also reveal the new LG G9. So far, the only information that can be true Is the one about the 5G and the fact that it will be “present” by default.

Many manufacturers across the world are expecting to use Snapdragon 765 because it is much cheaper, and this will reduce their costs significantly. The only problem is that LG will launch its product in the second part of this year and for the manufacturers will be a death wishing to wait like this is not enough.

More about the LG G9 with 5G support

We think that the chipset’s hardware will have some changes before the release date, and it will not remain the same as it is now. We believe that everyone willing to use it will have to adapt the product for their business.

As for the price, it is unlike to increase significantly compared to the LG G8, If the LG G6 was $650, the LG G7 was $750, and now the LG G8 will have a recommended price of $850, which it seems to be a pretty expensive proposition.

However, since then, it has managed to decline to more acceptable levels. It is unlikely that the cost of the upcoming LG G9 will increase by $100 due to the order but can presume that the price will be around $899. Hopefully, this time, the 5G support will increase LG’s revenues.

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