Lego Announced Open Online Competition For Students


Lego teamed up with Star Wars: Force for Change and FIRST Robotics and announced the 2020-21 Lego League Season. The participants must have between the ages of 4 and 16.

If your kid loves robots, Star Wars, and of course, Lego, they’re in luck! The registration is available now for the online program, which starts on August 4. Here is what you should know.

What to Expect From Lego League Season This Year 

Lego’s program aims to promote learning in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects while introducing “fun and excitement of traditional sports,” through teamwork. The students who participate will study the basics of STEM while practicing what they’ve learned to real-world problems. They will also develop skills related to knowledge and analytical thinking. 

“Whether it’s finding their people or finding their path, students will gain the skills and confidence with FIRST to forge and build their future,” the group explained.

All the students are free to join three groups within the program (there are some age restrictions, though). The groups are: the FIRST Lego League for ages 4 to 16 (kids can learn about robotics), the FIRST Tech Challenge for ages 12 to 18 (students will learn to design and program robots), and the FIRST Robotics Competition for ages 14 to 18 (students will utilize robotics learning in a head-to-hand test). 

From Discover, Explore, to Challenge, students will comprehend the fundamentals of STEM and practice their skills in an exciting competition while achieving confidence, learning habits, and teamwork skills. 

Lego will also release merchandise available for all participants. The merchandise will include: a league challenge mat that kids can play with robots on, a Discover box (a playgroup and play structure for ages 4-6), an Explorer box (a thermometer, minifigure, and a winch for ages 7+). For more details, you can access the FIRST Lego League page. 

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