Legends Of Runeterra Patch 0.9.0 – Card Changes and Minor Updates

Patch 0.9.0 for Legends of Runeterra is the first significant update of the game’s open beta. Past updates only introduced small fixes, but that is not the case anymore with the latest update.

Version 0.9.0 changes a significant amount of cards, such as Rhasa, the Sunderer, Deny, and Commander Ledros. Experience (EXP) and Expedition rewards were modified as well.

Card changes

The new update brings a total of fifteen cards and champion changes.

The most notable change happened to the Deny card, which is one of the most widely used and influential cards from the Ionia trait.

The mana cost of Deny made it frustrating to play against for many decks. The price was bumped up to 4 mana. That will have a significant effect on the metagame because Deny will require more than spell mana to be cast. Therefore, keeping the option of playing Deny will have a drastic impact on the overall strength of a player’s turns playing Ionia decks.

Some other changes happened to cards in the Mistwraith and other Noxious / Shadow Isles decks. Some of Shadow Isles’ top cards have been dramatically nerfed.

Noticeable changes happened to the Commander Ledros and Rhasa the Sunderer cards. The mana cost for both was increased by 1.

Thankfully, Commander Ledros also received an incremental point of attack.

Minor updates

For some cards and sections of the game, only the description text was modified, meaning that, in their case, gameplay won’t behave differently.

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