Leaked! PS5 Price And Its Two Variants!

A fresh leak says that gamers will have to pay £449 for Sony’s next-gen gaming console!

Therefore, the PS5 will cost as much as the PS4 Pro currently costs.

It is believed that the PS5 will hit the shelves in mid-to-late November.

However, another leak from MyDrivers, a Chinese industry site, claims to have the real PS5 pricing.

The Chinese website says that the full-fat PS6 will cost £499 / $499, which will undoubtedly be a deal-breaker for many budget-constrained gamers.

Official Numbers – A Mystery

Unfortunately, Sony keeps the price of its upcoming system a mystery, much like an unspoken vow to match or beat Microsoft’s Xbox Series X price.

The good thing is that Sony has announced a PS5 Digital Edition, which will come without a disc tray, and potentially make the system a lot cheaper at £349, a leak suggests.

However, having to rely on the internet to purchase and download all of your games can be inconvenient at times.

The method was used in the past on Microsoft’s Xbox One S, which also comes in an all-digital variant.

The Release Date

The leak also claims that the global launch of the PS5 will happen on November 20. Previous leaks confirmed a nearby date, so the chances are that it might be right.

However, it would be best if you took all of the previously mentioned information with a grain of salt, as it all comes from online leaks that can be sketchy sometimes.

We hope that the PS5 will cost no more than the PS4 Pro for the sake of our money!

Still, even if it ends up being ten percent more expensive than the PS4 Pro, it’s an excellent deal as we are getting a mighty gaming machine for a fraction of the price of a similarly capable gaming computer.

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