League Of Legends To Launch On Mobiles And Consoles In 2020

According to Riot Games, a famous Los Angeles-based game developer, League of Legend would finally roll out on mobiles and consoles next year, in 2020. This news is excellent since 2009, when the game launch, it has only been available for PC players.

League of Legends is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA, in short, as there are millions of active players from all over the world. The game became famous soon after launched, and it remained as such until now.

The League of Legends version for mobiles and consoles would be called League of Legends Wild Rift, and it will be a 100 percent free-to-play title. At the moment, the game is under development, but Riot announced that alphas and betas would begin to roll out by the end of 2019, with China being the first country on the list.

What To Expect From League Of Legends Wild Rift VersionFor Mobiles And Consoles

We don’t have many details on what features would League of Legends for mobiles and consoles come out with. All we know is that it would play just like the PC version of League of Legends, with some changes and novelties.

Among the novelties that we know so far, we have shorter battles, redesigned maps, and support for twin-stick control. “Wild Rift is not a port of LoL on PC, and it is a new game built from scratch to ensure it is a polished, legitimate LoL experience that’s worth players’ time,” added Riot.

We also don’t know on which consoles would League of Legends Wild Rift launch, but we guess that the game will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We hope that a port to next-gen consoles would also roll out once the new consoles launch. As for mobiles, the game will come out on both Android and iOS, with the Android pre-registration being already available on the Google Play Store.

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