Kingdom Hearts 3 Re: Mind – All The Details We Have On The Game

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re: Mind is coming as an extension to Kingdom Hearts 3, not an addition. What you will find in the extension is a recap of the event that we already know from last year.

However, new details will appear in the elaborate story, and the Replica Data bosses will return as well. We have to warn you before you continue reading that this article will give you spoilers about the ending bosses and Kingdom Hearts 3 areas.

If we do a short recap, Kingdom Hearts 3 ending was with Sora leaving on a quest in search of Kairi. What you will do in Re: Mind is practically from the director’s cut view. You will see the event replay in synchrony with the Keyblade Graveyard event. In the game mentioned previously, you will have cut scenes from the boss fights and Luxord playing with Sora.

Everything You Need to Know about Kingdom Hearts 3 Re: Mind

Moreover, in the Re: Mind, some dialogues are reworked, as well as some cut scenes, and others will remain the same. What you can do now is the possibility to choose the character you will want to play with from Riku, Kairi, Roxas, and Aqua. Even if it seems interesting with this addition, the characters are weaker than Sora, and they have limited movements.

To sum up, the new content can’t make the journey of the game more enjoyable and worthy. What you will discover to be pleasant will be the fan service sequence. With it, you will see the long journeys from decades ago, a little bit nostalgic, but it’s beautiful.

For some of you who were remembering and played Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, you will have a similar mode in Kingdom Hearts 3 Re: Mind. You will unlock the Limit Cut Episode if you watch the closing scene from the base of the game.

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