King Of Avalon: Dragon War Version 9.0.0 – New Events And Content

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare is a strategy MMO that takes place after King Arthur’s death, where players fight for the throne.

The game lets you conquer the kingdom with support from your alliance, vanish your foes, train dragons, and expand your empire as you work your way towards the top of the hierarchy.

The game heavily relies on strategic decisions that are decisive in the fight against stronger enemies.

Scouting and army composition are two factors that profoundly affect performance and the result.

Players can research new abilities at the University, craft equipment at the Forge, and train troops at the Barracks.

One of the game’s most impressive features is that it is a Global PvP game that lets players fight for crucial bases in the center of all kingdoms, dominate other players’ headquarters, and support allies when they are under siege.

Also, the fact that you can hatch a dragon and train it to become a killing machine by customizing its skills makes it even better.

Current Version

The game reached version 9.0.0.

Here are the official patch notes:

“What’s New:

  1. New Event: Cocktail Night.
  2. New Statue: Genesis.


  1. Added the capacity to move buildings.
  2. Restored the Royal Arena Tower.”

he game’s newest version adds an extra layer of reliability by addressing minor issues experienced by some users.

To update King of Avalon, have your device connected on a reliable network and enable auto-updates or manually update the app.

We suggest that you keep auto-updating enabled permanently, so you don’t have to manually check if your apps are up to date and potentially miss out on new features.

However, try to download updates for your games and apps from a safe source, like your phone’s built-in app market (Google Play or Apple App Store), to avoid contacting malware or viruses.

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