J&J CEO says People will Need Covid Vaccines Along with Annual Flu Shot

CEO of Johnson & Johnson (makers of the J & J Covid vaccine), Alex Gorsky, believes that the fight against covid and the race towards herd immunity may continue for several years to come. He said people will likely need to take additional doses of Covid-19 vaccines whenever they go for their annual flu shots.

“We could be looking at tagging this [anti-covid vaccine] along with the flu shot, likely over the next several years,” said Gorsky at a press conference during the Wall Street Journal’s Tech Health conference.

He said people will continue to need anti-Covid shots until herd immunity is achieved globally. The press conference comes off the heels of news that over half of Americans aged 12 and older have been fully vaccinated, but that there are still substantial threats from other highly contagious variants of the virus, which have the potentials to cause another serious outbreak.

J & J vaccines, like those of Pfizer and Moderna, may likely wane over time in the body, requiring reinforcements from time to time. J & J vaccines come in single doses, unlike those of Pfizer and Moderna, which are administered on two occasions three to four weeks apart.

But regardless of how many shots complete the dosage, most scientists believe that everyone who’s been vaccinated will need booster shots – at least once each year, just like seasonal flu shots.

BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin, speaking in an interview with CNBC, revealed that researchers have observed significant declines in antibody resistance against the virus after eight months.

Gorsky also suggests that the booster shots may be different from the initial shots because they must be created in light of the new variants. During the press conference, he revealed that the company is actively looking to partner with researchers and medical experts across the globe to develop vaccine shots that target new dangerous variants.

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