Is 5G Mainstream Already? Samsung Says It’s Time To Start Working On 6G

5G is one of the most recent innovations in technology. Only recently, we’ve been introduced to the difference between mmWave and sub-6GHz airwaves and received an explanation as to why low-latency is better than high latency (which knowledge that most average consumers don’t know.).

However, Samsung figured that 5G is not that much of a big deal anymore and released a “White Paper” (which is supposed to make a complicated issue simpler for the public to understand).

Time For 6G?

Samsung’s paper, titled ” The Next Hyper-Connected Experience for All,” talks about its target of bringing 6G “to every corner of life.”

The Korean tech giant thinks that 6G will become the norm by 2028 with mass commercialization starting two years after.

Though 5G is based on performance gains, the company says that three requirements should be met for 6G service to become a thing:

First of all, download speed should be no less than 1,000 Gbps.

As a comparison, current 5G download data speed is just below 500 Mbps.

With 6G, latency will be 90% smaller than with 5G.

Talking Numbers

According to Samsung, by 2030, the number of connected devices will outnumber the human population by a factor of 59.

Future mobile devices will include AR glasses, hologram devices, and all variations of VR headsets.

The primary users of 6G tech will be machines. Samsung revealed that “the capability of the human eye is limited to a maximum resolution of 1/150° and view angle of 200° in azimuth and 130° in zenith. On the other hand, machine vision capability is not constrained by such limitations, since it can take advantage of many cameras with various functions. Considering such high capabilities of machines, the performance requirements for the 6G system could be extremely high for relevant service scenarios.”

Samsung believes that 6G will help the world thanks to the level of hyper-connectivity it can provide.

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